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Our Story

Founded in 2001, Applied Design Corporation (ADC) embarked on a transformative journey as an engineering R&D, technology management, and human resource services firm, anchored in the picturesque landscape of Boulder, Colorado. From pioneering industrial automation solutions that redefine manufacturing efficiency, to driving product development that marries form and function seamlessly, to engineering tailor-made software solutions that optimize operations, ADC stands as a dynamic force of innovation. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to shape industries, empower businesses, and build a future defined by technological advancement.

Our Mission

By combining mechanical, software, and electrical engineering, Applied Design Corporation creates complex yet elegant engineering solutions for challenges in a wide diversity of industries. With the caring dedication of a small company, our engineers will take on your challenge as if it was their own, working with each other and with you to arrive at the most successful solution. Whether you’re tackling something simple, sophisticated, ubiquitous, or uniquely bizarre, we want to solve your engineering problems.

Michael Messaros


Shane Vogt

Systems Engineer

Jonathan Frogoso Systems Engineer

Jon Fragoso

Systems Engineer

Nick Anderson - Systems Engineer

Nick Anderson

Systems Engineer

Isaac Orozco

Mechanical Engineer

Caley Morgan


Bill Coon

Software Developer

Zander Louie

Software Developer