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Applied Design Corporation

Industrial Automation | Product Development | Software Solutions

Our Mission

By combining mechanical, software, and electrical engineering, Applied Design Corporation creates complex yet elegant engineering solutions for challenges in a wide diversity of industries. With the caring dedication of a small company, our engineers will take on your challenge as if it was their own, working with each other and with you to arrive at the most successful solution. Whether you’re tackling something simple, sophisticated, ubiquitous, or uniquely bizarre, we want to solve your engineering problems.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace & Aeronautical
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Consumer & Sporting
  • Environmental & Wildlife
  • Food & Pharmaceutical

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Made Easy 

Working business to business, our talented, multidisciplinary team of engineers, technicians, and fabricators eliminates the need for you to coordinate with multiple firms by offering fully custom turnkey systems as well as distributing off-the-shelf solutions.

Robotic Arm Processing Lithium Battery Cells in Work Cell

Robotic Systems

Close-up of Pneumatic Clamping Fixture for Lithium Battery Stacks

Turntable Systems

Close-up view of industrial conveyor belt with precision-machined aluminum nests designed for transporting syringe-like medical devices, showcasing advanced medical technology and industrial automation.

Conveyor Systems

Test Instrument Scanning Prismatic Lithium Cells on Conveyor Belt

Lithium Cell Testing

Close-up of Planarity Scanning Device for Lithium Battery Terminals

Laser Measurement Systems

Close-Up of Clean and Modern HMI on Industrial Control Cabinet

Modern HMI and PLCs

Interior of Industrial Control Cabinet

Control Cabinets

Factory Floor Laser Area Scanner

Safety Systems


Product Development

Transforming Visions into Reality

Experience the journey from napkin sketch to successful products with our integrated team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.

BioBalance Bait

Custom Gantry Machine for Precision Medical Vial Filling

Humming Bird

Innovative dual-carry fishing tackle device - showcasing convenience and versatility for enhanced angling experiences.

Little Tackle

Innovative turntable for 3D scanning small items with a cell phone - providing comprehensive and precise object digitization.

Spectre 3D

Automated Paintball Target

LED Matrix Car Floor Mat Displaying Custom Graphics and Logos

Glow Matz

Skid Steer with Custom Manure Spreading Implement

Manure Spreader

Car Seat with Baby Buckle Bluetooth Alert System

Baby Buckle


Software Solutions

Software Solutions for Full Stack Problems

Whether your project  lives on a chip, a phone, a computer or somewhere in the cloud, our team of experienced engineers has your back.

Screen Shot of Cloud Solutions Software

Cloud Solutions

Custom Embedded Systems

Mobile App Screenshot Demonstrating App Development Skills

Mobile Applications

Big Data

Robotic Arm Processing Lithium Battery Cells in Work Cell


Screenshot of AI Software Detecting Mouse Orientation

Artificial Intelligence

Car Seat with Baby Buckle Bluetooth Alert System

Internet of Things

Close-Up of Clean and Modern HMI on Industrial Control Cabinet

Touchscreen HMIs